Bringing your business 'A' game

June 7, 2018
Success in sport is all about playing your 'A' game.  Being the best you can be through preparation and training, during the game and even after with modesty and humility in success and graciousness in defeat.    If everyone on the team plays their 'A' game the results are impressive. So how do we bring our 'A' game to the workplace?  Let's liken our business operations to the game of...

Stop haemorrhaging value.

June 7, 2018
It's common knowledge that our perception of the value or quality of a product or service diminishes as the price goes down.  Conversely, the higher the price, the higher the perception of value or quality.

How to sell without product pushing

June 7, 2018

Fear of selling is holding accountants back.

Product pushing is trying to sell a number of different products or services to clients irrespective of their needs. We've all experienced the stereotypical insurance salesperson who is only interested in getting the sale. As the client, in this situation we want to run for the hills or blow up the phone.   Accountants fear the product pusher...

The most powerful behaviour model ever

June 7, 2018


When something goes wrong what is your natural reaction?

Our behaviour responses are so beautifully captured in the acronym ' OARBED ' - the  OAR (Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility) representing above the line behaviour while   BED (Blame, Excuse, Deny) is below the line.   This concept is  easily demonstrated through the child's mind.  For example, perhaps your children...

'Stop listening to reply - listen to...

June 7, 2018
Holding a good conversation is an underrated, but required, skill in our industry.  This separates good advisors from excellent coaches.   It's easy for accountants to fall into an advisory rut, cutting to the chase, always giving the answer - delivering advice based on experience and knowledge.  While this will always be a necessary part of our role, if we don't vary our approach we can...